Friday, January 10, 2014

Red Rock Relay 2013


I have heard what a fun race this is.
It was a honor to get the email invite.
Dad, Amy and I headed down a day early to enjoy some of our favorite things like napping, golfing, reading, eating, shopping, and a little bit of working.

Brad even "shopped" with us for a little bit.

Amy  found a leather jacket that she purchased and Maga said  if she grew her hair out she would look just like Stan Ellsworth. 

Before our run we made a late night trip to swigs. Perfect prerace meal.

We headed up to Bryce Canyon (I think?) and had plenty of time to hang out in the lodge.

Our first runs were a success with a few of us climbing huge mountains.

And  its always good to get your first run out of the way and give it to the next runner.

We were lucky enough to have Blake be our driver. He did a fantastic job getting us everywhere we needed to be.

We slept were we could.

And then the downpour hit. Kristen got the worst of hit. It seriously was so much rain.
My run was on a dirt road which turned to about 5 inches of mud. It was one of the hardest runs because it felt like I had 10 pound weights on each of my feet.

After we all finished our final runs we hit up the local McDonalds for some hash browns and hot sauce.

Us girls chilled in the car....
While the boys slaved away cleaning the car.

We all took our spots and slept until it was time to meet the other van at the finish line.

Always love seeing the finish line and Van 2 finished us off right. Jake was the lucky one to bring us in.

Team Bonk!

Now on to the nicknames. Always a favorite
Road Kill
Kristen rocked the course. She had a doozy of a first and second leg, but she did amazing. On her last leg she almost stepped on a dead cat in the road. Road Kill was born when that cat died.
Cross Fit Chris

Chris loves to come run these relays without training. Oh wait...he does train...he does cross fit.

This girl loves her food and none like she loves her dirty diet cokes and sugar cookies. Swig trips were a daily thing with this one.

When Maga compared me to Stan Ellsworth the name just stuck. What can I say?

Nate got sick right before the relay, which gave him this really creepy voice. He sounded like a creepy guy that would be trying to get kids into his van. But just for the record, Nate really isn't a pedophile.

Larry tried one of the girls shirts on while we were killing time at the lodge. Lets just say he looks better in the shirt than I do. So instead of Larry he became Laura.
Farm Boy
Blake was our very own Farm Boy. Whenever anyone would forget something from the van he was up and fetching it. Oh Sweet Wesley.
We did have a blast in our van. Loved every minute of it.

 And last but not least the quotes and highlights.

If your gonna spew, spew in this. 
That's a man. 
It's a spawning ground for Oompa Loompas. 
Do you need any bandaids for those bloody nipples? I'll even put them on for ya. 
I tripped over a dead cat. 
Is she even running?
    Hey little boys what some candy
Larry just killed Santa
They'll get there twenty minutes before she does!
Can you make it dirty?
That's Trent's wife? Woof!
You know when you get to the end of your run and you end up having to run another mile? It's so nice. 
Can I have 4, no 5, 7, ok 10 hash browns please?
Are we almost finished...uh no. We are at 1.5 miles. 
Memorable moments
Nate pooping 20 times during our last runs.
The downpour during Kristen's run. 
Chris warming up for his first run
Larry trying on the girls shirt.
Heidi laughing hysterically in the back. Can't remember what she was laughing at though. 
Our servant, farm boy. 
The mud run
Larry waiting for Nate passed the change because he didn't want to get dirty. 
Swig trips
The lovely hard boiled egg smell that filled the car everytime the cooler opened.
Cant forget Roller derby lady
Funky pants "famo" business we are going to start.  
Raptor runner
The van yelling "nice ass" to nate when he bent down to pick up the flag that blew off our car.  
Cafe rio ice bags.
Peanut butter sandwiches at 3am.  YUM!
The marshmallow roller
The guy running so close (drafting) hehind larr bear, and blake calling him out on it.
CUTE GREEN sweatshirts
DIRTY cokes!  
(I think if there was a theme for this race it would be would "dirty")


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