Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was celebrated in St. George. I love St. George. Our little family stayed at Grandma Wiggles' house. It was nice to be there to sleep at night.
Day one was a park and a crowded Chick-fil-a

We had the usual Thanksgiving 5K and some of use got a little goofy at the photo-shoot.


And we're off.
The girls brought up the rear. 
 Amy was running and work.
My IT band hurt something fierce
Candice cruised through 
We finished!!
There were many a times we just sat around and talked all weekend. One night in particular listening to Trent's old music.

The boys went golfing.

And the girls went shopping.

And the kids went swimming.
 And night swimming.

Watching the kids swim

Probably one of the highlights of the trip was playing up Snow Canyon in the sand.
There was a little something for everyone.

The kids loved the freedom.

to bury themselves in the sand.

And the Man Games got more intense.

We had our actual Thanksgiving meal at Chuch a Rama this year. Best thing ever.

It was fabulous not to cook, clean, or worry about a big fancy dinner.
We ran off all the food we ate at the park with a soccer game.

Kiddos loved the playground

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