Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th

There is nothing better than spending the holiday in the warm sun, enjoying some family and swimming. Our 4th was low key an perfect for us.
*lazy morning
The kid was in Heaven. After being band from the water with swimmers ear for the past week the kid was so happy to be able to swim.
All my boys!!!
Brad is the life of the party. Nothing like a little social event to get him out of his shell.

Best part.... in bed by 10:30.


Amy said...

I love the first shot of Josh flying through the air towards the water. Looks fun! Can't wait for our celebration tonight!

Shannon said...

Where are the pictures of you?! I agree with Amy, I can't wait for tonight! You guys are so nice to invite me along!

Maga said...

It looks like your boys are better. Keep us up to date on your fun times!! Love you all!!!