Monday, July 27, 2009


First, and not a moment to soon I finally finished the boys blankets. It was such a victory for myself. This is James' blanket that the kid has just loved to death for about 4 years. Lately when he would wrap himself it looked liked he had a big sheet of cotton around him.

The finished product!!! I must say once again that the fabric the boys picked out tells so much about their personalities, I just have to smile.

Earlier in the week we head out to the Kearns Fitness Center to play at their pool. It is a water filled Disneyland. The boys love it and I couldn't be happier with a outing that entertains for hours.

I have zero pictures from the rest of the weeks activities. We had a wonder 24th, Brad didn't have to work and Brooke took the Boys in the morning and Brad and I were able to get some much cleaning done. I have looked at the dirt pile up for the last 3 months and it was nice to get at least a jump start.
That afternoon we headed to Gateway to see Ice Age 3 with the boys and the a BBQ up at Trent and Amy's. You guys are always nice to open your home, even if it wasn't your idea.
The cherry on top was last night was Jenny's 16th birthday party. It was alot of fun with alot of great food. Happy Birthday Jenny.
A fabulous week and the best part is I am finally starting to feel good!!!!(knock on wood)


Amy said...

I love their blankets. Really so funny. One of these days I will get the courage to take my hoard to that water disneyland. It looks great!

Andrea said...

LOVE the blankets! Congrats on getting them done!

SOOOO glad you're starting to feel better!

Jamie N said...

Those blankets will forever crack me up! Honesty, funniest thing. I just love your boys.

Me too, I'm sooo gald you're feeling better. I wanted to cry for you every time I saw you or heard that you were still sick. Hooray for health!