Saturday, July 18, 2009

Parental Failures

This post sums up the past few days at the Bentley's. Josh was such a big boy and got him self all dressed for the day. One can never have to much red.

That evening the boys decided to do dinner for themselves. James made a cheese sandwich and I am still not sure what Josh was having, but the had some cheese.

Fast forward to the next evening and once again the boys were working on dinner for themselves. Josh just went to town on the cream cheese, eating big bites.
And yes!!! Josh is in the same clothes. We not only got two days worth of wear out of them, but they also moonlighted as his PJ's.
The good news was Josh final got a shower and some clean clothes that night.

Moral of the story...........

When Mom does not feel well anything goes.


Amy said...

You consider these meals a failure! Your just teaching your kids to be independent, which is awesome! The cream cheese is a little gross though.

And sometimes I wear the same thing for 48 hours straight. Just ask Jill..

Love your boys. They need to come hang out at my house for a day so you can relax!

Annie said...

Oh, bless you. Wish you were feeling better. Though I do love these pictures and stories of your cute boys. Even down to the red-red outfit. I'm not sick and Avie sometimes wears the same clothes for two days and sleeps in them. What's my excuse?

Hoping for a feel-good day to come your way (didn't even mean to rhyme).

gma said...

I like your new look! Love to read your stories!

Andrea said...

Absolutely anything goes!!!! There is nothing wrong with anything that went on in this post! Not only that, the boys are learning to be self-sufficient. They're getting all the basic food groups as far as I can see!

Stay in bed and put your feet up--everything seems to be handled!

Jamie N said...

I'm with Andrea - looks like everything is under control at your house. You should crawl in bed and let the boys handle everything.

It's about time for you to feel better already. No more being sick!

Jennifer said...

What can i do to help? Call me ASAP and I can at least leave some cupcakes on the counter for a couple days worth of meals! Love you guys. Sorry you're still feeling junky.