Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't have a lot to dazzle you through our life right now. So, here is a weekend....
Friday night we had a wonderful surprise. Frank and Teeny came out to watch the boys so Brad and I could have a date. We hit Training Table and saw The Proposal. It was so nice. It is sad to say that I really can't remember the last time we had a date night. Thanks Frank and Teeny.
Nothing like a weekend around home to get things done. Brad and the boys worked on getting the toilet fixed. I think there was a bit a frustration flowing from the bathroom has all wanted to help.

Saturday evening we headed up Millcreek Canyon for some tin foil dinners and hanging with the Bentleys. Needless to say we had to make a stop at Alberto's for a fabulous California burrito. good.

After Alberto's we headed next door for Subways to take up the mountain. Yep.....two dinners for us. It was wonderful!!!

Once at the cabin we had some volleyball fun and a Moose that decided to visit a little to close for comfort.

Another great weekend with lots of sleep for myself and the boys having their Dad.


Shannon said...

That burrito sounds SO good right now. Glad you all had such a great weekend! Isn't that the best?!

bjensen said...

Heidi! You shouldn't put your address on the internet! Someone might come kidnap your childern! Other then that looks like it was quite the weekend! I need to see you!

Maga said...

Neat blog!!! Keep it up!!!

Katie Grigg said...

Hey I just found your blog. It's fun to see all the pics of your family. I'm glad you got a date night. We always say we'll do them a couple times a month, but it usually doesn't happen. It's sad really.