Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bake Day 2010

It comes around just once a year and it is the true test of ones kitchen abilities. We start early and eager to get things under way. We actually scaled down a bit this year with only two different types of cookies to make instead of the usual 5 different types. the same amount of ambition is needed each and every year.
***First a HUGE shout out to Dodee and Lori for all the hard work and prep. Lori 12 times one recipe. I don't think I could even figure out how to do that. ****
We make the most amazing cookie, my favorite, a sandwich cookie made with sugar cookie dough and frosting in the middle. HEAVEN... Lots of rolling dough and cookie cutters. However, I found the most amazing kitchen gadget that you are able to roll the cookie cutters.

This is the ceremonial use of the tool. Those of us that are always at bake relish anything to make the process abit more slick.
Let me say mission accomplished!!! Happiness all around.

A sampling of some of the goods.
While the ladies were in the kitchen a few men were working to remold a bathroom and the toilet made it to the lawn and Brooke took a little break.
Never a dull moment with Brooke around. That girl can make you laugh!! I love her.
I tried not to disturb.
Another bake day in the books.
Cheers to the pounds of butter, the bags of sugar, and the cups of flour that it takes along with the MANY hands. It is a wonderful tradition.
Thank you Dodee and Lori.


Amy said...

I am glad you got that tool! I still need to learn to make those cookies. You guys rock at bake day.

Jamie said...

It was a fun day! That gadget you found was just magic.

Maga said...

Thanks for blogging WONDER WOMAN so I can keep track of you!