Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Visit with Santa

The love/hate relationship that kids have with Santa is amazing. I love the stages that my kids are at. James is starting to ask ALOT of questions about Santa and how "one person can really go to all those houses in one night". I can see the kids wheels turning as he asks many questions in an effort to figure it all out.
My Joshie can't get enough of Santa, and all things with Santa. How doesn't love someone dropping off presents that you ask for. A true believer.
Jackson could not be more up set with the idea of a big old man with a white beard. He looks at him from a distance, but placed on his lap....meltdown.


Amy said...

Awesome pictures. Christmas and Santa are so fun with kids. And I hope Jackson recovers.

Maga said...

Cute pictures of your cute boys with Santa even though Jackson isn't too happy.