Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread House, Attempt

I try so hard to be a fun Mom. My latest attempt was a wash. I bought this gingerbread house thinking it would be fun to do with the boys, but the idea of Christmas music playing in the back ground with happy boys helping and me with my "June Cleaver" apron and and happy attitude to be in the kitchen was a sorry fantasy. It all looked so good in my head.

The icing bag broken open twice with icing all over the counter. Bags of candy ripped open falling on the floor, and my happy "June Cleaver" attitude quickly vanished. After the icing spilling we only had enough to cover about half the roof.
I always was so impressed when the boys would make their gingerbread houses at pre-school, and I would think to myself...."It can't be that hard. If a pre-school teacher is able to pull it off." Clearly, my appreciation for pre-school teachers once again gets a "those teachers are angels". I figure that I will leave it for teacher to do with my children from now on.


Jamie said...

Uh, you ARE fun and you ARE June Cleaver. If you're not fun, then heaven help the rest of us. Seriously, your boys are so lucky to have you. Such a GREAT mom! Love you!

Amy said...

Amen! I say leave the gingerbread houses to the teachers! I actually bought one and left it for our babysitters to do this weekend. ;)

And I do think you are a fun mom.

Maga said...

Lots of good memories whether cookies or ginger-bread houses!