Wednesday, May 18, 2011

China Part 2

During one of the business visit the students went on the spouses decided to do a little shopping together. We braved the Beijing subway, which I am sure all of China was on it with us, and headed back to the Silk Market for some bargain hunting.

I had so much fun with the spouses. It was a great group of women to hang out with.

We stayed at an amazing hotel in Beijing and this guy's job was to stand by the elevators and push the button for you. We were treated like royalty.

We went to the Summer Palace in Beijing and the tall guy was the tourist attraction. There was another student in the group that was about 3 inches taller than Brad that got some attention. It was good fun.

A lesson I quickly learned in China....always look at the signs on the door of the bathroom stalls.

This first sign is the one I kept my eyes open for.

Squat over the hole in the ground if you dare.

The flight from HELL!!!

We boarded a flight in Beijing to Shenzhen, China one evening. Once our sit backs were up and tray tables were in the up and locked position we slowly backed away from the gate, right on time.

After a few moments the crew made an announcement that we would be delayed a bit as to weather in Shenzhen. As minutes slowly passed and tensions started to rise the Captain again made the announcement that would be "sitting on the runaway for a long time." Time slowly crept along. As the flight attendants started to deliver meals we knew it would be a long time.

Meals were delivered and the smell was enough for me to decline a meal and work on the peanut butter crackers I brought along.

Brad on the other hand accepted his meal and once looked it over decided the roll was about all he would stomach.

To his surprise, he broke open his roll, and...................



what looked like poop, was bean paste in the middle. Seriously, where were we. Stuck on a airplane, in the middle of China, with smelly food. Could it get any worse????


Lucky me I was sitting next to a man that was clearly starting to get upset that we were not taking off. What does he do. He explodes. He was so mad that he broke his tray table. Scary, Yes. I was so nervous. Brad was sitting next to me and couldn't keep a straight face. the man grab his things and wanted to leave, however he wanted to leave before Brad and I could move out of our seats. I climb on my seat and Brad was trying to move as fast as he could, but this guy was ready to move. He walked up to the front of the plane. In amazement as i wounder what just took place and grateful to be alive..He comes back and wants to sit down again not waiting for us to move.

Lucky, the Captain came back and this guy followed him.

After my brush with a mad Chinese Man the flight crew announced that we were clear to take off. After 3 and a half hours locked in a plane with nasty food and angry men, I will trilled to be taking off.
After the episode with the mad Chinese man the flight crew made the announcement that we were cleared to take off. 3 and a half hours after boarding, nasty food, and crazy town we took off.
On a side note...Crazy guy went to 1st class. Seriously???


Amy said...

That roll looks disgusting. And maybe you should have acted a little crazy so you could have gotten to first class.

Maga said...

Glad for the report of your exciting trip!! Glad you enjoyed it!!! Glad you're home safe and sound with lots of memories!!!

Jamie said...

That roll really does look disgusting. And I hate that guy freaking out next to you.

But everything else looks fantastic. I just can't believe everything you got to see and do. I am so glad you went. It really was the trip of a lifetime.