Monday, May 23, 2011


Thailand was AMAZING!!! I loved every minute of it. I would go back. I love that we stayed right on the river, I loved that it is so cheap, I love that you get to take boats for transportation, I love the shopping.

One evening we headed across the river to the night market for some shopping.

Some of the houses on the river. Very humbling.
One of the many temples.

I couldn't resist a picture of these. Gross.

The Royal Ground

Our last night in Thailand we had a dinner cruise with the group. It was wonderful. I wish I enjoyed the Thai food, but it was so nice to float on the river.


Maga said...

Sorry I can't take you out to Thai food--I go with Suzie Hansen as she was in Thailand 3 years. There are two places we like to go.

Amy said...

Loving all these posts from your trip. Seriously such an amazing experience!