Friday, May 20, 2011


I have decided that India is a place all it's own.

When we arrived at our hotel we were taken through airport like security to even get into the hotel. We were not allowed to touch our bags as the employees had to scan the bags before they went into the hotel. Through all this there were about 4 security guards watching our every move with large machine guns over their shoulders.

Where am I??

Once we cleared security and walked into the lobby we were greeted with flowers and a red dot between the eyes for good luck.

People would be sleeping all over the place.

One positive about India, you can use the bathroom just about anywhere. This little "bathroom" was on the corner of an intersection.

A little rickshaw ride back to our bus. Clearly not made for large Americans.

The second hotel we checked into in India had their own idea of a king sized bed.

A Favorite!!

We did the Taj Mahal at sunrise one morning and it was amazing. I loved walked the grounds. It was beautiful.

This was our Sunday service we had out in the hotel court yard.

We rode jeeps up to Amber Fort over looking the city. Beautiful, but very hot.

I bought this fabulous umbrella on our way up and loved every minute of it. A few of the locals wanted to have a picture.

We were able to ride elephants. It was amazing. They had the elephants all painted with bright colors.

Gandhi's House
Oreo Ecstasy.

Need I say more.

In a land of very interesting food I was happy with small treasures.A little shopping with the ladies.

The men of the group got together to do a picture and the Indian men slowly started to gather around to be in the picture. It was amazing how they would just step right in with the group. Some even handed their cameras off to have pictures taken.




I decided to spice it up a bit.

It was amazing to see India and all it has to offer. The Indian people are the most happy people I have seen. They have very little, but always have a smile to share.

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