Monday, May 16, 2011


The trip of a life and came and went so quickly. Looking back i can't believe it is over. Lots of fun memories.

Since Brad started school two years ago we knew this trip was upon us. The MBA program he is finishing up goes on a trip. The school group goes to different countries and cities and the group will met up with different companies.

We left Friday April 29 and flew to Seattle to catch a flight to China. Our flight was delayed for two hours maintenance, but that slowly progressed to 5 hours before Delta finally decided to place everyone in a hotel for the night. Needless to say lots of tired mad passengers. (An email will be sent to Delta)

We finally took off Saturday morning at 8:00. By the time we landed in China it was 10:00 am Sunday morning.

Once we arrived in Beijing, China we went straight to the Great Wall. It really was amazing. A surreal feeling to be there and walk down.

We took a ski lift up and walked down about a mile and then took an Alpine Slide down to the bottom.

The Silk Market...My Favorite. This place had six floors with just about anything and everything to buy. With a little patience and some bargaining you could get whatever you wanted for a fair price. I loved it and could have spent a few days going up and down the rows of merchandise.

We had a meeting at a Golf Club in Shenzen, China.(Mission Hills) It was the most amazing golf course I have ever seen. It has twelve different courses. We had lunch there and the Executive of Hong Kong Disney talked. It was very interesting.

Hong Kong at night. I would love to go back and explore the city more. We were only in Hong King for a night, but we made the most of it. We found a night market that was once again bargaining for what you want. The next morning we went to a Jade Market with lots of local vendors selling their jewelry.

After lunch we checked out of our hotel and headed to Hong Kong Disney for the rest of the day. So much fun!! The park is small. I would guess that Hong Kong Disney has about half the rides the Disneyland has in CA. For the afternoon that we were there we were able to do it all. No lines.

After a day at Disney we had to catch a late night flight to Delhi, India.


Andrea said...

I'm soooo jealous. I want to go just for the shopping...ok and a few sights. ;)

Amy said...

So fun! I would have loved the shopping too!