Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The BradMag

Any Ragnar runner knows the importance of getting the Ragmag upon check in.
The Ragmag has all the info that your team needs to navigate thru the race.
However, in Southern California Team BONK! had the BradMag to get through the race.
Dad, Brad put together the a very detailed book with all information needed; maps, exchange points, van directions. 
We even had an excel spreadsheet with all runners, pace, distance and projected start time and finish time.
Let me mention the cover and bounded book along with tabs to quickly get to the desired information.
Each van had two BradMag and Teri was even given one to use along her way down the coast.
It was our go to book through out the race.
It is the new "bible" of Ragnar.

Dad, Thanks for all your hard work on the BradMag.
I loved having it.


linds said...

heidi! so fun to see pictures of your sweet boys and your husband, he is really tall. loved spending the weekend with you. happy running.

Maga said...

You're lucky to have such neat parents--your Mom changed her plans and took me to the Dr. today--bless her heart. Glad you can be positive and enjoy all our many blessings. Check your e-mail for the Good and Bad.