Monday, April 23, 2012

Southern Cali

This last weekend was Ragnar in Southern California. We have trained and planned for it since last November. Since we were headed to California for the race we needed to head down alittle early and enjoy being down there.
The Girls all headed down two days early to get in plenty of shopping and lots of laughs.
Wednesday we boarded a plane headed to LA.

Once we landed and picked up the car we headed straight to Sante Alley.
Heaven for the bargain shopper.
We found many things we just couldn't pass up.

Everyone needs matching dresses.
Lindsay is Amy's friend that was running on our team.
We had lots of fun with her.

Brooke found a dead bird to adorn her arm.
I am pretty sure she passed it up.

One long alley full of treasures to find

The next day we headed to Santa Monica Pier to take in the sights and life of the Pier
We saw so many weird and crazies
I was even asked by a man if I "wanted to kiss on him" gross

We headed down to the water
The ocean and sand just speaks to my soul
The water was FREEZING, but always good to feel the sand and ocean water

Girls were ready for race

Teri is Ragnar ready.
Nothing better than traveling with Mom.
She has everything down to a science.

After Santa Monica Pier we headed to LAX to pick up the men folk to prepare for Friday morning start time.
Team BONK! was ready to run.

 Race pictures coming......


Jamie said...

SO, so sad I missed all this goodness. Cannot wait to hear every. last. detail. And see all the treasures!

Amy said...

Loved this trip! And this first part was pure Heaven!!!

Maga said...

Guess it was heaven for you and Amy to be able to shop without kids. Thanks to everyone that made it possible--especially fun Teri.
I enjoyed her today and enjoyed Jill while you were gone!!! Thanks for all the pictures!!!!!!!