Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Part 1

Last week with spring break on the horizon I was worried about how best to entertain the kiddos.
By about 12:00 Monday I had refereed more fights and arguments than I care to admit. What am I to do. I tried to sell a trip to Target has a great activity, but that fizzled quickly.
Monday evening I had to come up with something for Tuesday or we were all going to kill one another.
I decided that a trip downtown would do the trick.
Tuesday morning we headed downtown.
Our first stop was Banbury Cross Donuts.
Can't go wrong.
We followed it up with a visit to Brad's.
I hate to tell Brad that I think the highlight was pushing the buttons in the elevator.
What better activity then to head to the new City Creek. A few short blocks later I was faced with a large Forever 21 just begging for me.
As soon as we walked in James and Josh were quickly disappointed.
Once the boys figured City Creek is full of lots of stores Mom wants to go in it was like dragging dead weight.
A stop on the sky bridge was cool for about 5 minutes

The fountains were nice until the wind picked up and it got alot colder with wet skin
I think we were at City Creek for about 30 minutes.
I quickly realized that I need to be at City Creek with my Sisters.
With tear filled eyes as I walked by H&M, Nordstrom and many other fine retailers I vowed to make it back without the boys in tow,
By Noon, we had been to Banbury, Brad's work, and a quick peek at City Creek, I still had a whole day in front of me.
A call from Jamie and Brooke we were on our way to Sugar house Park for a picnic and play time.
A little chilly, but just what we needed.
The boys were excited to see the girls and run around. It was perfect.

After lots of playing it was time to head home for naps.


Maga said...

All you need is a good park and a
HAPPY EASTER love from Maga!

Andrea said...

I wish I was as fun a mom as you! Your little family is so you.