Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter was a success!!
How do I know....
Sunday night once the kiddies were tuck into bed, I laid in my bed completely exhausted.
Holidays are one fun activity after another.
I have such WONDERFUL childhood memories of holidays. One fun activity after another. I am sure that my parents were on board and happy to have so many things going on.
As a parent holidays take on a new form.
Having Spring Break and then Easter we were all fun out
(okay, I was) I am sure the boys would have gone another few rounds.

Sunday morning was perfect.
The boys were so excited to go find their Easter baskets
and the weather was perfect, perfect I say for the day.
I wanted pictures of the boys in their clothes and it is like pulling teeth to get my boys to look at the camera and smile.....

I was happy to have our local stylist on hand to help out

After a"shortened" church we headed to Dodee's for some Easter fun.
Upon arrival we had lots of fun playing Frisbee and throwing the football.

What Easter is not complete without a photo shoot on the bench?

Following the photo shoot we had to have a dog pile on Big Brad.
I think we only had one participant leaving in tears.
On to the main event....Dodee giving instructions for the Egg hunt

Checking out the loot.
It was so much fun.
I LOVED Dodee's house as a kid growing up, and I love that I am able to have my own kids enjoy something I loved growing up.
After Dodee's we rushed up to Bentley's for dinner #2, races and another egg hunt.
Jackson was excited to get into the races with the rest of the cousins.
After a week of amazing activities, countless egg hunts, lots of family, and enough candy to last a lifetime.....I was grateful for Monday morning and back to a routine.
Thanks to everyone that made Easter and Spring Break a success.

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