Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Team Player

I don't think there is anything as funny as watching kids learning to play sports. I am pretty sure that the games are ment for comdic relief.

Josh is really such an asset out field
Are you all thinking Bo Jackson????

Waiting for his turn to bat


Amy said...

Josh is the greatest! I love his napping on the field! And that last picture is really cute of him!

Annie said...

This is hilarious. That first picture is timeless.

I totally agree that sports at this age are just pure comedy. In Avie's soccer game last night, she stopped mid-field to pick handfuls of grass and then proceeded (in the middle of the game) to throw the grass into the air- and all over the other kids. I'm sure they loved it.

Jamie N said...

I love that kid. Seriously. If anyone in this world marches to the beat of their own drum, it's him.

Liz said...

That first picture is hysterical! We don't have grass fields here, so the kids all build sand castles! I agree, it is all comedy at this age. Good thing they are cute, huh?

Maga said...

Josh looks like a natural born athlete!

bjensen said...

HAHA!! Josh he cracks me up!!!