Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skate Park

We headed to the local skate park for a "family night" that the city did. It was crazy. Kids with their bikes, scooters, boards and rollerblades all going in different directions. My boys ended up in a big cement bowl sliding down. I guess anything to keep the entertained for a little while.


Amy said...

Looks fun!

Shannon said...

Aren't you loving this warmer weather? I love being outside (although my lack of a tan definitely doesn't show that).

So I won't be able to make Girl's Weekend - so sad! My little brother actually flies in that week for summer school at BYU and I need to help get him situated. I also have a reception that weekend... BUT, we should have a girl's night or something sometime this summer.

Thank you for the invite!

Jamie N said...

Looks like tons of fun - especially that big bowl thing. Leave it to you to find fun things for the kiddos to do.

Maga said...

Thanks for sharing your fun life with us!
Keep blogging!!

Annie said...

Love this. Perfect for little boys!