Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Graduation Highs and Lows
*Josh is done for the whole summer...
*realizing this might be the only graduation of Josh's that we make. The road we are on it might be graduation from some 12 step program
* trying to entertain the kid now that I have him home in the mornings
*loved his teacher!!! We will miss her. Best teacher ever!!
*Josh sang the songs in the program so he must have paid attention to something
*this should be the only time we see "performances" by Josh. I think we will be encouraging more of the physical performances on a field
*no more tuition through the summer

He looks like such a nice boy!!


Shelley Fairbanks said...

Heidi-I don't know if you remember me, we live in your parents ward in Shipp's old house. My oldest is 7 and we thought he wasn't going to make it past preschool or kindergarten. He reminds me of your Josh (hope you don't mind me lurking, I love watching your experiences with parenting, it gives me hope), they seem to have a lot in common. Reagan was almost kicked out of preschool MANY times. The first day of kindergarten, he hit someone else. The last week of kindergarten he was still having trouble. My point is, when he started first grade, it all changed. He has become such an angel! Its amazing what school all day does. If he gets bored, its a different story, gotta keep the boy focused. Their problem is they are smart and if not really into what they are doing, they get bored and distracted easily. But he's a sweetheart deep down like Josh, and there is hope. He'll turn out terrific. I think you're doing a fabulous job as a Mom and that is why I like to take a peek at your blog and your families blogs. You're all people to look up to. Thanks for giving me hope and always staying positive, it reminds me of the way I should strive to be. Your kids are adorable BTW!!

bjensen said...

Heidi, I really love that boy! I think he's too cute! And couldn't be any funnier!

Jamie N said...

I love him. Honestly, could those pictures be any cuter? He really does look so nice.

You are SO funny. I was seriously laughing so hard at your comments about "gradutating from some 12 step program". Oh my gosh. That is hilarious. If that's the case, we'll all come and support!

Amy said...

Oh Heidi. You are so funny. I too am feeling the pains of no Preschool. We need to have Josh come up and play so you have a morning back to yourself!

Sam said...

Ha ha ha! Your comments about Josh's wildness remind me a little of my brother. Congrats on the pre-school graduation! Hope you can make it through the summer! (I remember the days of my mom cursing summers...)

Liz said...

We ended preschool today, too and I am feeling your pain about bored kids at home all day long. It's hard to keep them occupied!

Maga said...

Cute pictures of cute Josh--keep them coming!!

Shannon said...

Heidi: Jill told me your big news on Friday (I hope that's okay), and I honestly got emotional over my sheer excitement for you. This little one is coming into the best family, and I truly mean that. I'm going to tell Jill to give you the biggest hug from me when she sees you next. CONGRATULATIONS!