Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No secret that my little Joshie is my, "Everest" in life. The kid beats to his own drum. Last night at dinner he was throwing cheese, yes cheese who does that? He kept throwing and I told him if he did it one more time he was done eating for the night. Mind you he is laughing and I have smoke coming out my ears.....naturally he did it again and I grab him from his stool and set him on the stair all the while he keeps laughing and has one more piece to throw as he is being hauled away.
So per Shannon's grateful post.....I am SO SO SO grateful that Josh sleeps.


Amy said...

Yes. Sleeping is one thing that I am grateful for too. Love the picture of him asleep with his cool shades on. And I can totally relate to the throwing of cheese, except I am sure I would have spanked. You can control yourself so much better than I can!

Shannon said...

Too funny!

It's usually the little things that really make my day, so I completely understand this. Last night a song I love came on the radio as I drove home and I was completely euphoric.

How are those blankets coming along?

Andrea said...

Sleep is the only thing that keeps us mothers sane isn't it!!! They look so angelic when they're sleeping--how could they do anything naughty?!

bjensen said...

Oh come on Heidi! He looks like such a nice boy! :)

bjensen said...

Oh come on Heidi! He looks like such a nice boy! :)

Maga said...

Fun to see Josh in action at the swim club. Blog when I'm not there to see his antics (and the things that keep you being Super Woman)
LOL, Maga