Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jill

23 Reasons I love Jill...
1. She is a fabulous dresser
2. she knows just what you need when you need it
3. she loves our kids
4. she is always up for an adventure
5. she has an ability to assess a situation and figure out a solution
6. she is a hard worker
7. she is the family A-- (mule)
8. Jill's testimony is amazing
9. she can pull off caring a has large has a child
10. she is a blast to travel with
11. she enjoys every moment she is in
12. I admire her goal to lose weight and she did it and looks FAB!!!!
13. So tech savoy
14. is about to buy a home
15. has a contagious laugh
16. is a great cook
17. is always willing to try new things
18. is amazingly strong through some ruff trials
19. her ability to love the simple things in life
20. worked so hard through school
21. always has a listening ear
22. she can soak up every minute of life
23. her ability to love you with every part of her
Happy Birthday Jill !!!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Jill!!! Love the list and Jill is GREAT!

bjensen said...

Jill is the BEST!!! Happy Birthday Bean! WE love you!

Jill said...

Thank you so much! All these things were so nice of you to say. I love you all and thanks for your love and support (especially with all my excessive birthday celebrations!)

Maga said...

Ditto why we love Jill

Shannon said...

I'm finally catching up on my favorite blogs and it was good to come across this one. One of my favorite parts about compiling the comments for Jill's book (which unfortunately is still on the way), was reading all the reasons why she is loved. She's a good egg that one.

And so are you. Thanks for not making me feel bad for falling apart on Sunday. It was definitely a rough day and I was way passed a reasonable point of exhaustion. I'm so blessed to know you and all of the Jensens. It's nice to have a home away from home.