Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Library Square

First let me say, not my smartest idea with my three boys and our neighbor on a hot day, but we did it.
This morning we started the day off right with a trip to Banbury Cross (A gift from heaven I am sure) Oh so good. You can smell the fat once you open your car door, but every bit is worth it. We walk in and admittedly graced with the sight of sprinkles covering every inch and the shelves lined with cinnamon heaven. One of my favorite places. *On a side note one girl that works there said,"I didn't know you had another baby. I remember seeing you prego with the two other." What does this tell me.....#1. I go way to often!!!!
After loading up with our savory treasures we headed a few blocks south to Library Square. I thought it would be fun to hike the stairs to the roof and eat our donuts. I place Jackson in the backpack and load up a bag with drinks and donuts and we head out. After just a few steps up and feeling the full effect of a hot day, I wondered why I thought this would be fun??
We eventually made it to the top walked around and once the boys spotted the elevator quickly replayed, "We didn't need to walk all those stairs"
It was fun to do and sad to say that was my first experience at Library Square. (My first time at Library Square and I seem to be a regular at Banbury. I could have my priorities just a little switched)


Andrea said...

Your priorities are right in order, Sister. I hope you had a cold, silver can in the other hand!

Maga said...

Great picture and feelings blog. You need some Banbury and Library Square in your life!!!

Amy said...

I thought the donuts were delicious! Thanks for sharing. I will miss you all at lunch today!

Jamie said...

It doesn't even surprise me that you ventured out with all those kiddos in tow. That's just like you to be the fun mom. Someday I'll be more like you.

Loved seeing you so much last week. Are our dates over now that school's back in?