Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Favorite Things

Since I lately feel that I live in the lone and dreary world, I thought it a good idea for myself to reflect, take stock, acknowledge some of my many blessings and a few things that make me smile.....
*Laying in bed at night with the window open, hearing the rain and having the rain air blow through my room
*My hospital mug from being in the hospital having Jackson. Most expensive mug ever, but it makes me happy to have it around
*My little Jackson when he sees me and his little face lights up
*Sitting in Sacrament meeting and during the sacrament Josh leaning placing his hand out in front of his face and asking, "Mom, which finger is the bad finger?"
*Listening to my boys say their prayers and James asking to, "bless Mom with more patience."
*James and Josh taking care of Jackson (at times it is alittle scary, but I appreciate their willingness to help)
*James and Brad getting all excited about a show on TV about the universe. (I lay in bed next to them thinking...NERDS, but I love them)
*I found a vending machine that has Diet Coke so cold it has little diet coke ice crystals in it.
*Hanging out at the pool with my sisters
*Having families that rally around me and my family
*The Gospel
*A "grin and bare it" mentality, for when life gets alittle overwhelming
*Having my 9 year old next door neighbor tell me I am a "good cooker"....Who would have thought?
*Being surrounded by amazing people
*When I see James and Josh happily playing with one another
*Seeing those quiet acts of service that help others
*A lunch at Pei Wei
*Being around others that make me laugh
I truly am blessed!!!


Jamie said...

I totally laughed out loud at the NERDS comment. So funny. I love this post. Glad you're finding happy things in life.

I loved being together today. You guys were nice to make the trek down south. I love you and your boys.

Annie said...

Loved these happy moments. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

So true that stopping to take stock in all the blessings we have in life help us to reevaluate what's important. You have a great life!! Love you!

Maga said...

WONDER WOMAN--glad you still count your blessings and are a "good cooker"!! You have many other talents too--when we count our blessings we count you twice!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for this post. Loved it. And I love you and your family. Now that I am home we need to hang out.