Saturday, August 14, 2010

Staining a Cabin for Dummies

The DREADED project (that is staining the cabin) came around this year. It is a project that comes around once every 5 years or so. Thanks to our organizational director (Jake) that got this project on the calendar and then failed to show......(Jake we can square later)

After many emails worth of planning and discussion the weekend was set. With a crew headed up on a Friday to tape all windows and a crew the next day to stain. The staining fell over into the following Saturday to finish things up.

So after the work is done and clean-up finished I reflect back on a few things I learned...

1. (I am sure the most important) Is having a great foreman to over see all the work that is being done. (make sure foreman has a cold drink in hand to place foremen in a euphoric state of mind)

2. Make sure to have a well supplied staff that is ready and willing to help.

3. Have a bunch of kids close by looking for trouble.

4. Find a crazy to do the hard to reach spots.

5. Be sure to have a "taxi" to get all your hard workers to their next assignment.

6. Watch out for any and all individuals looking creepy

7. Be sure to have the background check done on all workers before placing them with an assignment.
8. Refer back to rule #3

9. Be sure to have has many individuals as possible (preferably little kids that have to be watched closely) in close proximity to where you are working for best results.

I am glad the deed is done!!!! Everyone worked so hard. Thanks to all the work that went on behind the scenes to help get the job done.

Cheers to have the cabin stained......


Maga said...

Glad you got it done. Was James the foreman? Good picture of the troll on your roof!!!

Amy said...

Loved this post. It is hilarious!!! I am sad that I wasn't able to participate. Maybe next year!

Andrea said...

Yikes! Messy, dirty work! So glad Teri was in a euphoric state of mind with a cold one in hand!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh. Looks fun/miserable. Is it terrible of me to say that I'm so happy I missed it?

I can't wait for this week's play date!

alicia said...

What a task! I remember the early building stages. That was a long time ago. It was great seeing you. Would still love to get together.