Friday, October 28, 2011

Las Vegas Ragnar

What an experience!!

I was in van #2 with Jake, Brooke, Trent (aka A Machine), Dad and Larry Veigel.

Friday October 21, van #2 met up at Jake and Candice's house.

Once we were all packed and proper advertisement of Team Bonk! we were off to met up at the first van exchange.

Marina at lake Mead.. team check in, safety meeting, prep to take over

Kimmy was the last runner in Van #1 and Trent was our first runner in van #2.

Trent (aka The machine)

he is amazing. It looks like he just glides over the pavement while running. Brooke waiting for Trent to come in and start her 1st run.

Love this picture of Brooke. She trained so hard and was ready to run. I loved that once you exchanged runners you would pass your runner while driving to the next exchange.

Always able to cheer your team mate.

Like I mentioned you pass your team mate running to cheer them on, you also drive what they will run. In the 90 degree heat of the Vegas desert. We drove ahead of Brooke and saw the large hill that she had to climb to end her leg of the race. Once we parked the truck Trent jumped out grabbed a bottle of water and ran back to met up with Brooke to dump water on her and give her a drink. H e then ran the last part of her leg with her. When I saw them both running together to the finish I was so emotional. It was awesome.

Getting ready for my first run

Waiting for Jake

Jake finishing and Dad starting

Dad finishingDad recovering

Larry into the first mile

Brad and the boys came to one of the van exchanges. I was so excited to see them.

Larry and Trent finishing Larry's leg. About 2 miles into his run Larry's leg gave out on him. However, he still pushed through it and ran (hobbled) the rest of this leg. Larry could not put any weight on his leg the rest of the weekend.


Jamie, Jill, Brooke, Jenny, Trent, Me and Jake

Catching a few ZZZ's at a park waiting for our turn again.

Team Bonk! waiting for Trent.

Early morning in the gravel pit that was a second location to sleep.

Physical TherapyTrent finishing up his last leg at an amazing pace. Brooke starting her last leg.
Brooke passing off the slap bracelet has she finished. I was so excited for her. It was another hot and long run she had. I had a hot and long run in front of me, but Brooke finishing was so exciting. The excitement quickly left has I had to climb a hill in the hot Vegas sun.

Trent getting Jake water

Dad in the middle of his final leg. He did a great job. He had a sore knee, but was able to do it, and have style. Dad ran Larry's second leg in the middle of the night since Larry's leg gave out.Dad passing off to Trent, Since Larry was out Trent picked up his last leg.

Some of the support crewTeam Bonk! waiting for Trent so we can all run to the finish line togetherJake and Dad carried Larry across the finish line.
Team BONK!My favorite part was receiving hugs from all my boys. Once again I just loved seeing all the my boys.

My little support team.

I loved having them all there.

Ragnar was amazing. So challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. Loved being apart of team BONK!

Loved dinner at Raising Cain's on the way back to the hotel. Loved the hot tub soak. Loved crawling into bed.

Until April.....


Amy said...

Your recap was awesome! Love every single picture and every single story. It was so much fun. Can't wait for So Cal and to be in the same van as you!

brooke said...

holy cow! that made me tired just reading that! but boy did we have fun.

seriously, it was the best being able to share all that with you. something i'll probably remember until, well, forever!

Jamie said...

First of all, who are you?! Seriously, who looks that good when running nonstop and going on zero sleep? I hate you. I would look like death if I had done it.

Excellent recap. It was awesome watching you all race together. I was so proud of you all!