Monday, October 24, 2011

Las Vegas..Family Time

We had a few days before the big race to enjoy Vegas and all it has to offer with the boys. Our hotel was amazing. we didn't have to walk thru the casino to get in and out of our room, water slides, game room and a kids activity room. Good fun.

Game Room

The first morning we were up so early that I am pretty sure we were at The New York New York Hotel by 9:00. Played a few games in the kids area and headed to the M&M and Coke stores. After that we had seen enough we headed back to the hotel to swim.

Pool side snacks

After an afternoon at the pool we clean up for dinner, Mike and Jamie checked in to our same hotel. The boys were excited.

I am pretty sure Annie and Josh are from the same mold. Those two are perfect for each other.

Jake was nice enough to met us at our hotel and took us to a wonderful dinner. Raising Cane's, It was so good. Chicken fingers , fries and Texas Toast..who knew. So fabulous.

Jackson and Maisy had so much to say. Loved watching them interact.

After dinner Jamie took us to a shopping center with a play ground for the kids. We could have stayed all night. A little something for everyone.The next morning the boys took me to Jake and Candice's house to met up with the 2nd half of team BONK!

Let the race begin........................


Trent said...

Your hotel sounded so fun! Glad you got some fun, family time before the big run!

Trent said...

Oh, this is Amy by the way.

Maga said...

Glad they have M & M's and coke in Las Vegas as well as fun games!!

Jamie said...

I LOVE those pics of my girls with your boys. And yes, Annie and Josh were made for each other. I just need all of Annie's friends to like wrestling as much as Josh does.

Annie and Jackson kissing? Best.