Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ragnar Las Vegas

188 miles

33 hours

12 team members

2 cars

90 degree heat

1 injury

4 hours of sleep

36 race legs

15 support members

(Teri, Jenny, Jill, Mike, Jamie, Annie, Maisy, Miles, Candice, Brad, James, Josh, Jackson, and President and Sister Neider)

1 amazing finish

endless cheering one another

Van #2 getting ready to leave...lots more to come........


Michael said...

. . . and one roll of toilet paper!

Jamie said...

SO proud of you guys!

Laura said...

Hopefully there was some bread in those vans! :)

Trent said...

Love that pic of you guys!

Maga said...

Glad you all made it!!!
What was the l injury and who is the old man on the left(not Brad)
Thanks for the update!!!!!