Sunday, October 2, 2011


On the first day of school as I joyfully sent both James and Josh out the door, Josh to 1st grade so that means both are gone all day, I was excited.

After about the first three days things with Josh started to crumble.

He was in tears each night and I would ask questions has to what was going on, didn't get a real answer.

Went to school to talk his his teacher, "Is Josh doing okay?"

Teacher, "Yes, he is such a good student and always does what I ask."

Left puzzled.

Day after day, Josh gaining his strength to go to school, and I not being able to figure out what he is struggling with it became clear.

One afternoon while enjoying a lunch with my Mom and Grandma, while only having one child I received a call from the school.


Josh is sick.

When I get to the school, Josh is sitting in the office and when he sees me he gets a little smirk (I had been had)

When I get to him, he starts to cry saying he is sick. Really??

After talking with him I finally figure out that Josh, "just really misses me while at school". I wish the feel was reciprocated.

After talking him down and spending a little time in class with him, he was able to finish the day. I would receive random phone calls with a very sad Josh on the other end and a very patience teacher letting him talk to me and then go back to focus in the class.

He teacher let me know that Josh would be fine in class and as soon as he started to think about home he would fall into tears.

(really? my son that has a mohawk and fears nothing? Man card taking away)

Realizing Josh has to go to school each day I came up with an idea.

We would both wear red yarn on our wrist so that thur out the day we could look down and know that each other is thinking of us.

So now, each morning with a pep rally and yarn we are managing school.

I think things are getting easier, slowly, but surely.

Jackson also wanted to get in on the love fest.

on a side note...

We had a park day with Grandma, Jamie and her hoard.

Always love being with my Mom and Sister.


Frances said...

That's so funny. I guess you can't be too sad that the problem is he misses and loves home! I don't know what I would do, but I sure love them going too!!

brooke said...

seriously! you are the best mom ever! no wonder josh misses you so much!

i think we need to get together soon.... yes? ok.

jenny said...

SO CUTE! you are sucha good Mom.

Maga said...

Heidi--you are WONDER WOMAN to think of the red yard idea!!
You are my ideal!!! So glad you blog often!!!Loved your pictures!!